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WaltC...just got back from attending church with my Dad. All I did was ask this all through the service. I need an answer just as we all do. Each day is just going through the motions. It's not being lonely...I'm not...it's being alone without Gene ...you without Jean. I just got back into town yesterday and "I DO BELIEVE". I've only learned one new thing....whatever I feel, anytime, anywhere is ok and I don't give a dern what anyone thinks. No one understands like we here at this site.

WaltC...I hope the sun shines tomorrow. I look at the stars at night and think of Gene and remember that all the little twinkling lights must be lit for all our angels looking after us. I know in my heart that we are all loved and being watched after. Forever goes to eternity. For now each day is empty..just time passing. Sometimes passing with a little ease....sometimes passing long and dark. God give us strength to pass one more day.

Always Gene!


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