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Smokey died at 3 1/2 years old of advanced lung cancer. The vet (whom I trust) was just as shocked as I was as he explained the chest x-rays to me.

Initially, Smokey had some swollen feet and enlarged lymph nodes, which the vet looked at and gave Smokey a steroid shot for the swelling. He then prescribed an antibiotic for the feet because they were splitting and bleeding and he did not want any infection setting in. After a few days, Smokey was acting funny and collapsed one night on his way to come see me. I immediately rushed him to the vet who checked him over and did not find anything immediately wrong, and wanted me to bring him back in the morning for blood work.

That night, was not good for Smokey, he spent the night behind the couch, which is extremely unusual for him. That morning, when I was getting him ready to go to the vet's, he collapsed again, not being able to breathe. I was heart broken as I knew in my soul that something terrible was wrong and it was not just a reaction to the meds, like we initially thought.

It became an emergency and I rushed to the vet, who took Smokey in for observation, blood work, and any kind of test I could think of to name ( I am a medical language specialist and I know about many tests used for diagnosing medical problems), so I had the vet check for liver disease, diabetes, Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, and any blood disorders, but it was the simple chest x-ray that told the whole story.

I got a call from the vet later that afternoon imploring me to hurry up to get there. When I got there, they had Smokey on oxygen and he was not doing very well. The vet was explaining the chest x-rays to me and my brain and heart were very fuzzy as alls I wanted to do was go to Smokey who was lying on the table, weak and scared. I listened as patiently as I could and then went to Smokey, who recognized me and tried to come to me, but he could not, so he put his paw on my hand which was the best he could do. I was seeing that he could not breathe and he was so weak, I was sobbing and my husband was crying, it was so pitiful to see my boy Smokey trying to breathe through the fluid and cancer. My heart broke at that point because I knew what I had to do. The prognosis was poor as he had no normal lung tissue left on the x-rays, they were full of fluid and disease, there was no hope for any kind of recovery. The vet said he had not ever seen anything like this before in such a young cat. I have been despondent ever since, it seems unreal that Smokey is gone, my best friend. I cry frequently as I can remember every detail of my poor boy's last minutes and I can't seem to get that out of my mind. I have been keeping busy with my ferrets and our new puppy...Did I mention I put my dog down 2 1/2 weeks before because of a tumor on her tongue? I lost 2 very dear pets in 2 1/2 weeks. I rescued my dog as well, when she was 2 years old. I had her for 10 years.

I rescued Smokey when he was 4 months of age, and I had him for 3 years and a few months. That was the best 3 years of my life. He was so fun!!

I will always remember him and I plan on getting a tattoo of one of his photos.

I loved my dog, too, but to me, Smokey seemed more in tune with me and I think that is why it hurts more with Smokey's death.

Thanks for listening.

Pets are truly amazing and they are very special for the love and companionship they show us, regardless of our faults. sad.gif

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I'm so very sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Smokey! What a wonderful kitty he sounds like -- and what an amazing relationship you must have had! I'm so sorry that you didn't get all the years with him that I'm sure you thought, or at least hoped, you would have!

Poor baby! His passing sounds like it was difficult for him and for you! What a gift you gave him to release him from his pain and let him pass as peacefully as possible! You are indeed very loving to have done that for your boy!

I'm glad you posted here, because it is very important to tell the story of our furbabies' passing. We have to keep telling the story until the reality of what has happened can sink in. I know that that will hurt very much to accept this new, terrible reality, but it is an essential step on our journey through grief.

I'm so sorry that you had to lose two beloved furbabies so close together! It must be so terribly difficult to go through that! I understand completely what it feels like to be loved so unconditionally and have to lose such a devoted and loving companion! Please keep an eye out for signs from your Smokey that his spirit is out there, watching over you, and still loving you! I'm absolutely positive that he is, and that he will try to show you, if you are open to it.

Please take good care of yourself and your family during this terribly difficult time. There are many people out here who understand what you're going through and are keeping you in our thoughts.

Wishing you strength and peace,


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Thanks for your very comforting reply. I feel I need to reach out and tell Smokey's story, because there are animals out there that show their love so much and having been the recipient of it, I wanted all to know how special he really was. I think he thought of himself as a very hairy person!! He wanted attention and I gave it to him, and animals are very smart and very perceptive. Feel free to e-mail me privately if you wish to chat or share your story. I'm finding it important to find people who can understand, because not many do. Thanks again. I appreciate your reply. smile.gif

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