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Am I Wrong For Supporting A Murderer?


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I live in an area where people getting killed or hurt is nothing new. I'm 39 yrs old with 3 children. In April 2009 a friend of ours was killed by another friend. The deceased was 24 & the killer was 15. They were also friends they got high & drunk together that day. It was Easter. The 24 yo was hitting and pushing the kid. Thats when someone handed him a gun. I know this kid & he is not a murderer. An honor student yes but not a killer. He was small for his age. A lawyer in the courtroom said he looked 12. A friend & I have been 2 court to support him and his family. He was sentenced to 24 yrs. & gave a tearful, heartfelt apology to the victims family. I write him often. He's such a good kid it breaks my heart. Am I wrong for being on his side even though I knew both of them? I feel that if this grown man didnt supply the kid with drugs & booze & he wasnt pushing him around he would still be alive today.

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Gina, my dear, I think it's safe to say that you most certainly are not "wrong" for "supporting a murderer." Your willingness to see extenuating circumstances in this tragic situation simply indicates that you are a compassionate, open-minded individual who recognizes that there are many sides to any story. I'm so sorry your post has gone unanswered for so long; I simply did not see it until just now. Please forgive the oversight, and know that we are here for you.

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