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It's My Birthday

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I am missing my dad so very much today. I feel so alone. My dad would always make me feel so special on my birthday... well really it was any day he would make me feel special... I miss that so terribly much. I still have my mom luckily, I don't know what I would do without her. It just really sucks not having a dad any more... I feel so lost and scared like the rest of my life is going to be full of loss and disappointment. I don't know how to change that. I have my bf but it just isn't enough. Are spouses/boyfriends ever enough when you are facing a significant loss?

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First - Happy birthday. I know today will be sad for you - but do your best to make it special - it sounds like that is something your Dad would have wanted.

Second - no one will ever fill the place of your Dad. It is like losing a limb - you learn to function without it but you function differently. At times it won't be so obvious that he is gone - but at times you will feel that loss intensely. You are still in that phase of learning to live without your father physically here. I am in that same phase myself. I am not sure how long this takes but at some point the daily pain won't be as intense. You will be able to celebrate his life more vs. mourning and grieve over his loss - although I think there will be times when you will grieve him not being there with you.

I wish there was more I could say to help. . . know that you are not alone.


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Thank you Babypod, I appreciate your response. I am feeling much better today. Yesterday was just very overwhelming with the sad emotions. It really hit me hard. I am sorry you know what that is like, it is a horrible feeling. Sometimes I feel alone when I shouldn't - I know I have people on this site and also my boyfriend to help me get through the very toughest of times. It might not feel like it is enough at the time but I know that isn't true, I know some amazing people. Without them, I question where I would be, I know I would be worse off without them. Thanks again, Babypod.

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