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Alert! Service Interruption!


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Dear Members and Guests,

In recent weeks, if you've experienced an occasional failure of our site to load when you've attempted to log on, you are not alone. The problem has been reported to Invision Power Board, current provider of our service. Yesterday we were notified of its plan to move to a new data center, "with all new servers that are much more powerful than the ones we use now, and that move should eliminate any remaining issues."

Although we don't have an exact date, we are told that this move will take place sometime "in late December."

Further details from Invision Power Board:

"During the move, there will be some down time as the DNS changes propagate to the Internet. When the move is made, we will turn all forums on the server offline, with a "We're moving" message, then transfer the accounts and turn them back on. People will see the old site with the Moving message until their local DNS providers get updated with the new location, but that should be less than a day for them. There's unfortunately no way to get around that. We don't have a firm moving date yet, but you can put an announcement on your board now notifying your members of the upcoming move."

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