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New Studio/meditation Space

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My new digs...a place to heal, to paint, to meditate, to be

I still have to get window treatment, yet undecided, and an area rug near the fire. Since I took these I have added a print rack for much of my paper and attempts at art....My contractor said when I outgrow this, he can knock out the bookcase and make it the door to a walk in closet...I think I am ready now based on how much "art stuff" I have already. This is my healing space. I turned Bill's office, where I was painting, into a guest room. It is the room where he died so I have a basket of photos there, his empty chair, some memorabilia (his favorite hat, money clip, watch, poems, book outlines that he never got written, his clock making books, and the pictures of his 1931 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost still on the wall along with his Hubble shots of the heavens). He bought the Rolls for $1,200 in the 70s, sold it for the same after restoring it. Long story. We learned in about 1990 that it was later sold for $250,000 ---oh well.

No matter how small I make these files, they are way too big. I apologize. I also see that I need a fence around the AC outside...very ugly. Another job....endless. Bill would have done that long ago.

post-14525-132386461368_thumb.jpg post-14525-132386469448_thumb.jpg post-14525-132386464903_thumb.jpg post-14525-132386467952_thumb.jpg

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