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1St Christmas With Out Her Cooking

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It was 6 months since my sister died of diabetes on the 18th she was only 23 and still had her life in front of her. Her cooking was amazing and she could plan and make Christmas go so smoothly as everyone use to come round ours. mother still wants everyone to visit out house but i dont know how to cook like her she would make loads of different little starters and finger food really creative. now she wont be here this year i have a feeling it is all going to go horrendously wrong :( just want to skip christmas and family dos as i feel lost with out my big sister post-15373-132437681891_thumb.jpg - this is a lunch she did for my step grans 75th birthday by her and her boyfriend

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Losing your Sister has been hard, I know from experience. I lost my Big Brother not long ago. But I am sure she would not want you feeling like this.

I too am always battling these feelings you are experiencing, but then my Mother always clears my head by saying, "You know your Brother would not want you feeling this way at Christmas. He would want you happy and cheerful and enjoying your life." And as hard as that is sometimes, it's a choice we must all make in life. Enjoying our lives and remaining happy even though we have lost someone dear to us is not dishonoring them or dismissing the feeling we have, it's about us continuing to live and enjoy OUR lives in their honor. That's how I am living my life. It's a choice I had to make. And it's a choice you must make. I recommend you do some cooking and preparing just as she did. Do it in her honor!! Make her proud of you! I'm sorry you are hurting.

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