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Thinking Of You Today Kayc

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Kayc - on this anniversary of George's death please remember the words that you wrote to me when I was feeling down and out:

" Remember the Good Times"

Also think of this fact - when dearest George died part of you died too, BUT

because you live on, part of George lives on too

Your friends here are with you in spirit today to hold you hand and give you hugs if you need them.

Listen to this as you remember all the good times with George - tears are good for the soul:


Please take good care of yourself today. smile.gif

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Thank you...I didn't go on line yesterday because I was sick. But I did survive and although I don't think the upcoming ones will be any better, I know I'll have to face them...sometimes with smiles, sometimes with pain. The loss is just so great. I have learned to accept that I must live with the pain and do my best to be happy in whatever way I can. Yesterday I received phone calls from friends and family and that helped. I had a talk with George and I cried, but I tried not to dwell on it unduly. Life has changed...

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