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There Is Hope - "the Color Of Rain" A New Book


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How is THAT for a cancer story, usually we start out with hope then get the wrenched heart!!

One of the most important blessings was a book I discovered right after Teri "Stepped on Heaven's Shore" The book is called The Color of Rain How two families found Faith, Hope and Love in the midst of Tragedy. Specifically cancer.

The chapters, especially 19 and 21 were heartwrenching and recounted an awful lot of what me and likely you have gone through, including hospice care. After that, the second half of the book continues the true story that gave me hope of a future for me and the kids. The book just came out in October, and there's hints that it'll be made in a movie.

If you get a chance, here's the youtube video of the story. It's just 3 minutes long. I bought the book on AMazon for $12 and I also bought the audiobook so I could listen while working out. I liked the audiobook a lot better because it was read by Michael and Gina and I could hear in their voices the things I was experiencing.

The short youtube video is here along with a review

Bless you



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