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An Unexpected Gift

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I wanted to share my experience here today. Let me start off by saying that I am sure like others I have shared this with..you will no doubt think I am crazy..or perhaps putting more into this than what it really is. But for me it is real. I have been coping with Dragon's loss...(Dragon is my significant other who has passed on) Work keeps me busy and it's only when I have sometime alone now that I truly grieve. Anyway, here in Western Pa we have been experiencing a mild winter..today it reached almost 60 degrees after a low of 13! Dragon has been on my mind more than usual and with the sunny warm day I felt sad that he wasent here to share it with me..so much so that I felt a tear trickle down my face while driving to meet a client. Well, I finished with work and when I got home thought I would spend sometime out doors in the yard since it was so nice...I began walking around and looked down..there was one dandy-lion growing up from the dead grass of winter. A tiny bright yellow dandy-lion...now the weather has been unusually warm but I looked everywhere..it was the only one. I felt Dragon near me. I feel that he was responsible for me noticing this tiny flower. I picked the small yellow dandy-lion, pressed it between some paper and noted the date and who had allowed it to appear to me. Now..I know..the logical side of me says..it was warm..it grew..but I truly felt he was beside me. He knew how down and out I would get with the winter blues..and this was a way to get me through it. I miss him so much..at times I can barely belive that he is gone..it is like it is not real. I asked him to look after me...does anyone think that our passed loved ones do look after us..like guardian angels? I want to believe that. I am lonely and down..but with this it gives me some hope..hope to once again be reunited with my love, my Dragon in the end.

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Hi Kimberly,

I for one don't think you're crazy, perhaps it was just meant to be that you saw that flower at that time. I'm glad you could find some measure of comfort in believing that it was sent by your special someone, and, who can say it was not?

It is great that you can save that moment. I hope someday that the same thing might happen for me and I too can have some special sign from my Donna to save and

savor at some future date.

wishing the best for you and praying for all those still suffering,

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Dear Kimberly,

There is no doubt in my mind that you were meant to see that dandelion, and yes I think Dragon sent you to the spot.

My husband passed Dec. 11,2009 and daily I either feel his presence or he talks to me. Now does that sound crazy???

My husband will never be far from me, he is partly why I am what I am today, and because of that he's with me forever. Embrace those wonderful moments when he is close to you.


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While some might think we're grasping at straws, they haven't been through it...we are such kindred spirits with our loved ones, and I believe on a spiritual level we can and do connect, even now. I'm so glad you got that precious sign to help see you through...it is indeed a gift.

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