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Movies Which Poignantly Address Losing A Loved One


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I would love to see such movies right now, maybe I guess to help me get out some of my grief or feel like there are others who can relate. Having a hard time finding any good ones though? Anyone? What I have seen recently:

Rabbit Hole - stars Nicole Kidman, who loses her young son (as does her husband) to a car accident. Had its moments but I wouldn't call it "great." I did not care for their portrayal of grief therapy groups, which was cliched and I think inaccurate. Still worth a watch, I think, again just don't expect anything great.

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Thx very much, wow tons of movies on the last one, although I have seen some and not really what I'm talking about - eg many of those "contain" a part about someone dying but the movie isn't really focused on that per se (eg Steel Magnolias) or have too much joking around (the same movie could also apply, although it was a great flick) and some have that mystical "beyond the grave" thing which while it might make for a good movie isn't simply about ordinary people dealing with normal, ordinary grieving processes we can all relate to, which is what I'm really getting at. Again that is not to take away from the links at all and I really appreciate them, just that at least some don't really fit what I'm saying.

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