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You Were The Gift All Along...

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It's been awhile since my last confession... "Oh, sorry... wrong place". ( my sense of humor ) .

Due to health issues/surgery my mind has been preoccupied but you/this site have not been forgotten, grief does that. Also for another reason I found myself revisiting the cancer discussion board that helped me out during the year of our great upheaval. I ran across an entry I would like to share with you although not in its entirety. Just know the person was grieving and a friend of hers responded in this way...

- Hey you ... - When you were here, you said something that stuck with me - you wondered how God could find you the perfect man, give you six years, and then take him from you. I kept pondering that statement you made and asked God why He would do that - although He always has a plan for our lives - this is what I felt after a few weeks of thinking on it. I believe God was a part of the two of you being together, but God knows our beginning from our end and He KNEW Mark was going to die in a few years. Try looking at it His way - Instead of God giving you to Mark - I believe He gave Mark to you - Mark needed to find the love of his life before he left this earth. God gave him that in YOU. God made Mark's last years of his life the happiest years of his entire life - He did that through you. Know that you made his life on this earth finally worthwhile. God gave him YOU. - end

When we are ready the teacher comes? For me the message was resounding. Most of us are left with so much unfinished business when our spouse/significant other dies. There are not enough words to fill a broken heart I don't think, not enough comfort in the I'm sorrys. People are brought into our lives for many reasons, for many lessons in life. But love is the biggest one of all I think. Of course it stands to reason if I believe that my husband was the light and glory in my life and I still loved him after all the hours on the back of that

damn Harley then he must have seen something in me, right? I've got to turn this grief around... all our days are numbered. A full heart, a giving heart that was his gift to me... I will

make my life whole once again.

Peace to all.



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Deb, good to hear from you again! I hope your health issues are better now.

I agree with the author in that George and I only knew each other 6 1/2 years, married just 3 yrs 8 mos. I know those were the happiest years of his life and in that short time, he got to experience more than in the rest of his life put together. Yet we who are left are still wondering, "but wait a minute, what about me?" I know I was God's gift to him, just as he was to me, yet I wasn't through with him yet...

Of course...I never would have been, be it a year or fifty.

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