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What Was Meant To Be


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There is eternal love present for those who look for it

Once seen it can never be ignored

Love ever bright is found the most within a parent's bosom for his pride

I cannot bear the loss of such love so I get upagain to find another new one

This life which I lead is parallel to those which lead a life too

It may seem that every living being does so but when seen more clearly it is apparent what really is

Since a time so ancient that it seems since forever People have been covered in bonds they themselves might not know

Many view each choice made as an opportunity from an higher being while others do not

There is no right or wrong

What higher being exists that rules over me

Does he define the limit which is forever time withheld kept over me

Even if there is a limit to what I can succeed

It surely is not the one which the others and Iperceive to be

The truth is what matters and if it is based on him

Let him come down from the rumoured Eden and tell me what is hidden right in front of me

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