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Opinion Needed

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Hi all,

I haven't posted here in a while, but I need some feedback on this.

my workfriend, whose daguther died 1 1/2 years ago has these wristbands he gives out to in memory of his daughter. After she had died, somoene (not sure who - he said "the kids" - it could be his nieces, it could be his daughter's friends) had them made. The first one he had given me broke, the next one (made a little differently - the message was printed rather than debossed) faded, and the one he gave me a couple of weeks ago is fading as well. I hate to keep asking him for another one, so I searched "customized wristbands," found a place that makes them, and had some made. It was "buy 100, get 100 free," so, me being me (LOL) I ordered them this mornig - the same exact message/design as the originals.

When I get them, I will keep a few for myself, and will give the rest to my friend. Now, me being me again (LOL), I want to make sure that I'm not overstepping my bounds or being too forward, etc. I can present it the way I stated it above - that I felt bad about asking for a new one every few months, found the website, saw the 100 free with 100 purchased amd me being me, etc. He knows I wear it every day (as do a few other work friends of his here). I know you all can't answer for him, but do you think he could feel that it's not my place to do that (to have more wristbands made)? I'm not trying to step on anyon's toes.



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Brody, If I was your friend I would be thrilled!

Maybe I will have something similar made up for my son reminding people not to drink and drive. Unlike others here my son was 40 years old, after and a husband. He was killed by a drunk drive blowing thru a stop sign at 80 miles an hour, will driving his delivery route. HNe was a husband and a father, just doing his job. I have been searchiing for some way to make this tragedy remind others that drinking and driving is not worth it.

BPO Queen

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Brody, my dear, I've always believed that honesty is the best policy. As the saying goes, come from the truth and the truth will set you free. It seems to me that if you tell your friend exactly what you've told us, not only will he understand your intentions, but he will appreciate your efforts and value your thoughtfulness as well.

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