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Yesterday I Saw Her


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Yesterday I Saw Here

I have seen her eyes a thousand times.

Translucent water droplets,

Dripping, collecting,

Trickling and pooling,

Then slowly drying on the plate glass windows

Of a hundred rain-soaked days.

It's been 3 years.

I have heard her whisper.

October's straining winds

Rustling the drying foliage.

The faded leaves, dried and cracked,

Struggling to maintain a hold

Upon the life that they knew,

Gently rustle.

Autumn comes and goes.

It's been three long years.

It's been three long years since my love has passed,

But yesterday I saw her.

A child, secure in innocence,

Free from conviction

And times cutting edge,


And bid me welcome with reminiscent eyes.

And there I saw her,

Spirit, presence,


Just then the wind began to pick up

And shake the drying leaves of this October's

Blustery day,

When together they joined,

Leaves and reminiscence, reminiscence and leaves,

Frantically dancing and filling the cool late October air.

Then the leaves returned to that from which they grew...

And reminiscence slipped quietly away

Upon a laughing wind.


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