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Well, I am new to any kind of board. 2 days ago, my husband and I had let our beloved 16 year old kitty, Meow-Meow to go eternal sleep, she went in my arms. I know all the good things, that she had a wonderful, spoiled, loved life, that she isn't suffering anymore, she's not in any pain, I do believe with all my heart she is in Heaven with our Lord right now and that I will be reunited with her again one day, I know all of that, but I miss her so much and it hurts so much, I too am having trouble sleeping, eating, concentrating, finding joy in anything. I really don't know how to go on. Our house is kind of a mess, she was throwing up and missing the litter box, and although we cleaned up after her all the time, none of those reminants are left behind, there are others that are, like her fur and paw prints and litter spread around, etc., and I love a clean house, and need to do laundry, but I have no desire to do that, I don't want to clean my house or do my laundry, and I need to, but I can't muster up the strength to do it. My husband wanted to get new kitties right away, and I know it's because he's hurting and he doesn't want too much time to go by without having the love of kitties in our home, but I feel like it's a bit too soon, we'll have them in 2 weeks, so it'll be about 2 1/2 weeks after we let Meow-Meow go home. So, anyway, I guess that's it for now. Thanks,.

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Dear Meow-Meow's Mommy,

I'm so very sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Meow-Meow. I lost my beautiful Winnie girl (calico kitty) eight weeks ago, just shy of her 17th birthday. So, I know what a terrible hole is left in our hearts when our furbabies have to move on. I also believe that Winnie and Meow-Meow are in Heaven and that you and I will be reunited with them one day. But, you're right that that thought can only bring so much comfort right now. It's the loss of their physical presence that continues to make our hearts ache and our throats feel tight and our lives feel pointless. And having them in our lives for so many years (although it does mean they were blessed with long, happy lives) makes it even harder to let go when they have to make their transition. Although Meow-Meow certainly is still with you and watching over you, because love never ends, it's so very hard for those of us left behind to get used to the new reality we have to face.

I understand completely how you feel about not wanting to clean -- like it will somehow erase your Meow-Meow's presence from your home. Of course you know that's not true, but there's certainly no need to push yourself into cleaning. When you feel up to it, you will find that you can bring yourself to do it. Please be very gentle with yourselves right now. Losing a devoted animal companion is no different than losing a human loved one, and in fact can be harder because they are so wonderful about giving us uncomplicated, unconditional love! All of our loved ones are loved and missed when they have to leave us, because love is love and loss is loss. Unfortunately, we have to go through the journey of grief for everyone we lose.

I hope it helps a little bit to know that there are so many of us out here who understand exactly how you're feeling. I thought I would never get through the first day without Winnie. Now I've made it eight weeks, and I'm happy to tell you that it does get better. It just takes time, and progress can be very slow. Take it a day (or an hour) at a time and do the things that mean the most to you to honor Meow-Meow's memory and give comfort to yourselves.

I also understand your husband's desire to have kitties in your life again, and for some it's critical to do it right away, while others need more time to adjust to the idea. I think that it probably will help to have them with you, even while you an your husband continue to grieve for your sweet girl. So, try very hard to appreciate your new little ones for who they are, and know that while they can never "replace" Meow-Meow in your hearts, they are very deserving of your love and care. And I'm sure Meow-Meow is glad to know that two more lucky kitties are getting to live in such a loving home!

I wish you and your family the best of luck. You and Meow-Meow will be in my prayers tonight. Keep taking deep breaths and telling Meow-Meow that you love her. It will get better, I promise!



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sorry about you loss. i know your pain. i just posted a message about loosing my companion kitty after 22 years. i hurt so much at times i just want to die. its said ''time will heal'' but that doesn't seem possible right now.

i always thought i would want another cat, even though i have 3 more already plus dogs, after i lost my 'mokie' but i don't know. my life evolved around taking care of mokie. we think mokie had a stroke in her last days here with me. she was so old but i sure hoped she would of made it to christmas.

i have found some encourage serching on line for support groups an web sites like this one. please seek help. it does help.

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