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I have never posted anything on any site until now, I am in such intense pain of losing my Weim Gracie that I cry at the drop of a hat and I am consumed by the thought of her and how much I miss her. A week ago my Gracie was running in the backyard and playing with her new baby brother another Weim, Will that is 12 weeks old, her stomach was upset and she had vomited but she was still playing and seemed like herself so I just figured she ate something that didn't agree with her, which was normal for her, by Tuesday she wasn't really eating but drinking water and she was just laying around "resting" I figured if it didn't pass I would take her to the vet on Wed.. On Wed we went to the vet and they did xrays and it showed something was in her stomach an obstruction of some sort and that we should wait until Thursday to see if it would pass, Thursday morning she was miserable very depressed and seemed to be in pain I took her back to the vet and they did surgery to remove the obstruction, she was in surgery for 3 1/2 hours they said that the obstruction was some sort of string/fabric and that it had wrapped so tightly around her intestines that she had 2 tears and they had to cut out some of her intestines and piece them back together. I had to pick her up and transport her to the emergency animal hospital so she could be watched and medicine be administered through the night, I picked her up on Friday morning and took her back to the vet where they gave her more fluids and said that I could pick her back up and take her home for the weekend. Friday night she laid on my couch and I just loved on her as much as possible her pain medicine started to wear off and she started breathing rapidly my husband and I made the decision to take her back to the emergency animal hospital on our way there Gracie took her last breath in my arms. My Gracie was 16 months old she was very healthy and the light of my life. I am a stay at home mom so I spent everyday with my Grace girl. I am having a very hard time understanding how this could happen in just a week, how my life was so normal and then all of sudden it all changed. I don't blame my vet I know in my heart she did all that she could but I have a lot of guilt. I miss her dearly and I was hoping that if I was able to talk it through with others that understand that maybe I could deal with it or get advice. I'm sorry that this is so long. Thank you for letting me tell my story about my sweet baby Gracie.

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To Gracie's Mom,

I am so sorry to read your post about your Gracie.

I have had to put 3 cats down several years apart, each was 16 years old when they passed. The pain will feel unbearable at first. It feels as though you will not be able to go on without her. When My Bunny (a cat) passed away, I started to write about him. A few stories, one about how God brought us together. Another about all of his little habits, his toys, all of the names I had for him. Anything I could think of, I wrote it down. Over the next few days, I added little things that I wanted to remember about him. I saved the hair that was in his brush. I put a little box together including his name tag, collar, a few toys that he loved, my favorite pictures of him etc. Then I put together a page with his photo, the date that he came to live with me, the date of his death and one of Shakespeare's quotes. I emailed it to all of my friends/family because it was so hard for me to talk about him. Before falling asleep I swear I could feel him walking on my bed (till this day I feel it sometimes). In my prayers, I would tell him that I wanted him to come and visit me in my dreams. I told him that till the end of time, wherever I am it will always be his home. All of these things helped me to feel my connection with him.

I share my story with you in hopes that perhaps some of these ideas will help you to cope with your loss. In earlier days, I think that people didn't share their grief about losing an animal. These days, most people understand that the love and bond we have with our animals are as significant (if not more important) than the bonds we have with other humans. I encourage you to talk about how you feel. If you can't or don't want support from friends, express yourself here, where people understand what you are feeling. You won't ever forget her, but as the days go by, eventually you will feel good again.

Know that you will experience a number of hard days ahead. Do all of the things that make you feel nurtured and safe. Know that you did what you thought was best for Gracie. Punishing yourself is not what she would want you to do. She would want you to pour your love for her into your other dog. Know that she wants you to be happy.

She had a short life, but your love for her, and hers' for you, made it a brilliant life. Hold on to that.

Hugs to you from Bunny's mom.

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I am so sorry. Losing our pets is one of the hardest things we can go through. It helps to memorialize them somehow...maybe a collage of pictures or something paying tribute to them. (((hugs)))

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Hi and I am so very sorry for your loss. I too lost my Boo Bear therapy dog suddenly last Saturday, no warning. The thing I focus on is the fact that he was so well loved every moment he was here. It just isnt about the amout of time they have. So many die alone and unloved! You did the best you could! I know what it is to have them die in your arms, Boo Bear and June bug both died before arriving at the vets. I absolutely feel that that is they was of saying thank you to us and NOT making us choose to have them euthanized or suffer in pain where we then have to fight not second guess ourselves about that, alone with blaming that some how we coulda, woulda, shoulda guessed different...

It sounds like you had wonderful moments with her, I hope you can cling to that instead of guilt and blame. Please do not allow that to be mixed into the completely legitimate grief you have at her loss and you will feel that for a long time. How LOCKY that she had suck good parents that took her to the vet. Remember the Vet let her come home so even with their knowlege they didnt know and arent you glad she was with you rather then alone at the vets?



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Thank you all for such kind words it helps. Today has been one week and I miss her terribly. I am doing a memorial for my Gracie to remember all the great memories I was so blessed to have. I love her and she was such a special sweet girl. Hugs to you all and again thank you for listening.

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Hi Graciesmommy,

I'm so sorry about Gracie, know that you did all you could, she had a wonderful mommy but I know you are hurting a lot.

I have lost several dogs over the years, they were all my babies and best buddy's, when they passed away the pain was unbearable and was for quite some time, I'd be in the car, in the grocery store and I'd break down.

6 years ago when my dog died I had a dream about 3 months later, I would cry for him when I was going to sleep, I had a dream or I still say it wasn't a dream...my grandfather who died about 10 years ago was walking towards me and at the side of him was my dog, my grandfather looked as though he was in his mid thirties and I never knew him then, my dog was healthy and ran towards me, I could feel my hands touch my dog, it was amazing and I will never ever forget it, I suddenly woke up crying and told my husband what had happened, I truly believe my grandfather brought my dog to me to show me he was with him so I wouldn't be so heartbroken all the time (My grandfather always had a way with dogs and they loved him) ever since then I was more at peace.

My dog now is very ill and I know the time is coming but am trying to enjoy him as much as possible.

It will take time for the pain to not be so raw, of course we will still always miss them but one day you will be able to smile when you think of Gracie, many many hugs to you and your family.

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