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One After The Other

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i no what you mean i lost my sister a year ago then 2 uncles 30 days apart and what was really hard is my daddy died holding my hand only two and a half mo ago in my home so i really do no what you mean and i really dont understand at all


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Hello, Momalomax, thank you for your understanding, it's really nice when someone can relate to your own experiences. I'm sorry for the loss of your family members, it's unfair one after the other. I lost one after the other, in my family too. My father not recently, in 1987, grandmother,1999, brother, 2000, mother, 2001 and a pet in 2002. I have no mother no father, I jokingly tell my kids, that I feel like an orphan, I don't like to feel sorry for myself, it won't get me anywhere. I tell my children they should appreciate that they have their mother. That family comes first. Anyways, I hope you take care.


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This is my first posting, and first time here. I understand what you are going through. I lost my father in law September 29th, 2003. Less than 11 hours later, my Mom died from cancer. Then October 15th, 2003, my Dad had a massive heart attack and died as well. I went back to work this past Monday. Its not been easy, but I have had wonderful support at work. So far the grieving process has been a complete blur. I have gone from never making funeral plans for anyone in my 46 years...to all of a sudden doing it for three loved ones in a row. Today at my work, my Moms hopsice nurse stopped in...she said "I needed a hug, and thought this looked like a good place to get one." They are wonderful people who are alot stronger than I am. I could not do their job, it is much too heartbreaking. Its almost 12:30 am here. I will post more again soon. For now know that you arent alone.


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