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My Beloved Granddoggy, Skye


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Skye is only expected to live a few more months.

My son took him to the vet Wednesday...he has a neurological disorder, which we'd already figured out, but to learn more about it would cost $5,000 for the testing. He is missing a disc in his neck and there is pressure on his spine. They put him on steroids, which seemed to help with his wooziness/stumbling.

He just went back for a followup visit and they discovered a rectal tumor, which might have to do with his loss of control. They put him on anti-inflammatory medicine but said the other will get him before the tumor would so they'd just keep an eye on it.

Poor little sweet Skye! My son is having a really hard time with this news...I could tell through his email that he is choked up. I am very very close to Skye, he's not just my son's dog, he has a close relationship with me, he's lived with me and visited me so much. I remember when Paul lived in Oakridge, several miles from me, and Skye broke loose and made his way all the way up to my house! Paul said he knew where his grandpa lived too. :) I have so many memories of Skye...John teaching him to eat off a fork...Skye was so gentle his lips wouldn't touch the fork. Skye has always been "special" (like a Down syndrome child), so sweet and happy. He loves water, we used to hike in and let him "swim" in the river...he looked like a little alligator, with his eyes closed, just basking in the water!

Skye makes special "talk", Huskies don't "bark", but make unusual tonal sounds. Sometimes it startled people walking by, they'd think there was a wild animal nearby! Once a neighbor called the police because she thought he was a wolf! Sweet gentle Skye, would would never hurt anyone.

I had Skye all summer as my son got married and honeymooned. I'm glad for each and every moment I had with him. I wish I could have him back, I'm afraid I won't get much time with him before he goes as my son lives two hours away and attends school full time.

This is so heartbreaking. This picture was taken at the onset of his symptoms, several months ago.


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Oh Kay, my heart hurts as I read your post. I'm so, so sorry to learn this sad news about your beloved Skye. I know how much you love him, and how close you've been to each other all summer. He is such a beautiful boy, truly a gentle soul! Please know that I am thinking of you all as you face whatever challenges lie ahead . . . sad.gif

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Thank you both for your kind responses. I went to visit Skye Saturday, they live 2 1/4 hours away, so it was a long day. He is on steroids, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and Metamucil, and seems to be doing a little better. We took all three dogs to the dog park, and even though Skye couldn't run and play with the other dogs, he was happy just watching them, and even joined in briefly until he fell. He was able to be with us in the house for about three hours, which is longer than usual (he has to pee so much on the steroids that he can't be in for more than an hour usually). He is being weaned off the steroids so hopefully he can be in more then. Soon my son will be back in school and my DIL working so Skye'll be sleeping his days away outside until they come home. I miss him...

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