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A Message from Melissa, originator of the Christmas in Heaven Memorial Site:

Christmas in Heaven opens for the 2005 season!

Christmas in Heaven began by an empty feeling in my stomach that my daughter was alone during the holiday season. My husband’s grandmother had stated that her son & my daughter were hanging stockings together in Heaven. When I pictured them, and everyone else’s children’s stockings together, that empty feeling went away. I hope you this memorial can help to bring you peace this holiday season.

Each year more and more stockings are hung, and we anticipate 500 or more stockings being hung this year. Please feel free to share the memorial with your friends and groups, and anyone you think will enjoy it.

You can begin to request stockings today! Stockings will begin hanging on the site November 28, 2005 and we’ll continue accepting requests until December 20, 2005.

Christmas in Heaven

Don’t forget to send a message to Heaven while you’re there.

We are in the process of moving, and we appreciate your patience this time.

May the holiday season be as peaceful as possible,


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