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i lost my grandpa on august 22 and its been really hard because he was like my dad i saw him every day and lived with him for 2 years. my dad left when i was born so he helped my mom raise me. he picked me up every day after school and helped me with my homework. since hes been gone my grades dropped dramatically i havent been eating and i have just recently been put on anti depressants. i dont feel good about my self at all. everyone said it would get easier but its only getting harder.

so someone plz help. smile.gif

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Hi emolvr,

You've come to the right place. I lost my grandpa almost three years ago. He was very important to me because I shared my birthday with him. When he passed away I felt like I had lost one of my best friends. My dad left when I was younger too. My mom raised my brother and I by herself. My grandpa came every year for our birthday and sometimes in the summer too. I always loved when he came to visit. I never pictured my life without him in it. I can't say it gets easier but with time you will heal. I am a christian and I believe that God walks with us when we are need of him. I don't know if you have a religion but if you do it's always an idea to pray and talk with God, if not him than a close friend or someone you can confide in. If you need anything feel free to talk with me. I am a great listener.


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I am not a teen. Infact, I have teenage daughters. So I hope you don't mind me being here. I just thought this story might help you out. When my oldest daughter was born, I still lived at home with my parents. Her dad and I weren't married until she was 2. He was never a very good father to her even after we married. So she was always very close to my dad. She always struggled in school. In high school, she was held back a year. My dad worried so much about her. When he was diagnosed with cancer, she was a senior, and in danger of failling. She decided to buckle down hard and get her diploma before it was to late for him to see her graduate. When he died three months before graduation, I thought she would give up. She didn't. She wanted to make him proud. I know he was there with her at graduation. He wouldn't have missed it. She is starting college next semester. Don't give up. The best tribute you can give your grandpa, is to be your best. He would hate it if he was the reason you gave up. Make him proud!


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I lost my grandpa 5 months ago too. I feel sick and awful sometimes and other times I just shut it all out. I feel like its been soo long and I should be over it b now. Sometimes i feel like I use his death as an excuse to be sad but it really hurts and I can never seem to forget him. Like babybrat07 said though, to know that god is my Eternal Companion and to talk to him about everything is really helpful. For me, knowing that no matter what, god is there to love me and guide me and protect me brings an amazing peace and joy that almost always surmounts my grief even if only for a while.


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