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It's Okay To Laugh Sometimes, Right?

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So I go pick up my son today (he is 11) at the mall where him and his buddies just watched a movie, and who is there, but MC Hammer...and my son wants to check it out...so we go there, and when my boy sees him he asks me..."Is he like super rich or something?" cuz of all the gold and stuff hanging off of him...so I tell my son something...and he goes over and says to MC Hammer...

"My dad says you likely borrowed all that gold from the IRS, is that true?" lol

So he laughs and shakes his head and says, "Your dad thinks he's a funny guy, huh."

So the other kids are getting autographs and my boy wants one but doesn't have any paper or anything to write on, so MC looks around and grabs the first thing that is close...his walking cane. Signs it and gives it to my boy.

As we are walking away, my son is estatic, and he asks me, "Do you think this is worth something?"

"Likely a tax audit boy, if we are not careful." lol

Hope your day is a good one today. Some days are harder then others around here. Some are low days, some are getting better, but today atleast I got to laugh a bit...and it felt good. ty all, and ty MC Hammer. laugh.gif

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I loved your message - it sure is nice when we can find those times that make us smile and laugh - after all they do say laughfter is the mest medicine.

Keep smiling my friend,

Love always,

John - Dusky is my handle on here

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We HAVE to laugh! And we have to enjoy sunsets and walks and children's smiles and whatever else we find that's good that comes our way! smile.gif

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