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Dear Marty & GH Members,

I just wanted to let everyone know that since I've got yet another sympathy card/letter to write to a friend, and am currently in need of inspiration, I've just purchased another of Marty's helpful resources for my own present & future use.....her "Heartfelt Condolence Letters" ebook (plus 2 gift bonuses - Helping Another in Grief and the link to Grief Songs: Music for a Grieving Heart). For those who may also be interested, I purchased it through http://healingebooks...condolence.html

I must say, Marty, the letters you've written & are sharing are so eloquently done, I'm just blown away, and while I've actually had the above link bookmarked for some years, I'm so happy I finally got around to actually ordering your offering! Some of your heart-centred phrases had me in instant tears, exclaiming "oh MY!...oh MYYYY!....what a stunningly beautiful way to put that!!!" What a great wordsmith you are! So I'd like to thank you here for putting together this great, little ebook, that will help me in my own time of all-level exhaustion, and therefore, lack of normal response-ability...ha.

Naturally, though, I've also become all caught up again in the Grief Songs postings, instead of actually getting down to writing that condolence letter! :wacko: (also added another one there again myself while I was at it, for grieving parents, animal or human)

Hmmm -- Related Question: does GH's new format also support embeddeding videos into posts?...nothing's leaping out at me here with the option of "HTML On - Auto Line Break Mode."

In any case, I'd highly recommend Marty's ebook for anyone who may be at a loss for words when wishing to express their own sympathy and understanding of another's grief. And I also appreciate Marty covering some of the "trickier" death situations one may be faced with, too, such as with colleagues, former spouses, etc.

Thank-you :) , Marty, for such a handy guide!

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My goodness, Maylissa ~ what a lovely endorsement! It's so good to know that you found the material helpful, and I so appreciate your very kind words. Thank you ever so much! Full disclosure: Over the years, whenever I read or received a condolence message that touched my heart in a special way ~ even if it was a phrase or two in a card that struck me as especially meaningful ~ I saved it. And whenever I had to write a condolence note to someone I cared about, I took those words and phrases and wove them into a message of my own design. Then I'd save a copy of the message I had sent. So when the folks at Self-Healing Expressions invited me to write the ebook, I already had all the material I needed.

As for your question about embedding videos ~ I believe that, on YouTube's page, under the video, you can click on the "Share" button, which offers the option to Share This Video. Then a URL address appears in the box. If you cut and past that URL into your post here, I think the video will show up.

Let me see if it works with the one you just recommended (which is quite lovely ~ and thank you for that!)

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You're more than welcome, Marty! Thanks for the "disclosure," too -- good to know I'm not the only one who's borrowed others' poetic words as needed! ;) Wish I'd done the same, though.....saving my own composites for whenever or whatever. Good planning on your part!


Also thanks for testing out the embedding for me, and I'm so happy to see it's worked just fine! Obviously, I haven't kept up with tech. changes, as I was still looking for the "embed code" phrase, vs. "Share," and the last time I'd embedded anything to a site, it was a slightly longer procedure. I'd post "Baby of Mine" right to the Loss of Pet forum right now, but I just don't have time left to spare....so at least it's here in this forum. :)

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I spent most of today crying. Although I have survived devastating losses before, and learned that the sharp constant pain does soften with time and grief work, each new loss leaves me feeling yet again like I will never feel happy again.

But the video with the baby animals and their mamas really made me smile. Thanks, I needed that!

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Anne, I am so sorry you had such a tough tearful day. Sometimes I find those days ones of release and healing. Sometimes I just want them to go away. Any news on all the tests you are going through? I am sure all you have been through since your birthday last week...ER, tests, Dx, etc. has worn your already worn down soul. Thinking of you, wishing you a good night's sleep.


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Hi Ann,

We must be on the same wave-length of this day's energy, as I felt the same way as you for the better part of today. I've lost so many loves and other things near & dear to me over the past year and a half, that I'm very depleted and wondering if I'll ever be able to create my own happiness again, either in similar measure or to the same degree as in "yore." Everything that's happened, and every stage of each, feels like another "lifetime."

But I'm glad the video helped cheer you up a bit. (it's always nice to be of help to someone! :closedeyes: ) For me, unfortunately, it was part of my renewed (holiday-time) grief over my fur-kids' transitions....and the loss of THE BEST lifetime-within-a-lifetime I was ever gifted with....as well as for all the other furry friends I'd come to love and "mother" since -- all also now gone over just a few, short years. I've got a lot of grief all bottled up, and no time yet in which to work through it. So I understand the "each new loss" compounding things. *sigh*

On the plus side, my kidlets always know when their Mom is feeling so poorly, and still work to lift her spirits....as they did later this afternoon, with signs of their "numbers," seen side-by-side at a postal outlet I happened to be at, along with the number of my age when our Sabin passed! Just as we all were in earthly life together, we're still "side by side" with each other, forever and always. :-} Still, I miss them, and my other dear loves, more than words could ever say....all "babies of mine."

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