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I lost my beloved pet Violet May 23, 2004. I still miss her and not a day passes I don't want to cry. She's always on my mind and I'm 13 and in Middle School. I have problems with schoolwork and everything. Violet was was like a angel always there when I needed someone to talk to. I really loved her and I just can't forget how much pain i felt and I still feel it. The day she died was a day of uncontrollable crying and a heartache I had never felt. My dog had puppies recently and there is one puppy Dan and I think I can love him but i'mafraid to because I think I'll stop loving Violet. I can't spend every day with her and It seems like that if I start loving Dan i'll forget her


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Hello Western Belle,

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dog, Violet. I recently lost my kitty, so I know how much it hurts, and how lonely it is to come home and not be greeted by the old friend that was there for us so long. I have shed more tears that I thought I could. I am very sorry that you are have to go through this kind of loss as well. Pets really are more than 'just pets', they are best friends to those who love them. The same thing that makes us love them so much also makes it hurt so badly when they are gone.

Don't worry. Violet will always hold a very special place in your heart. You won't forget her, even if you are afraid you might because you start to love Dan. Do you have any brothers and sisters, or do your friends have brothers and sisters? Parents don't stop loving a first child when they have a second child. The human heart has the amazing capacity to produce love. It never runs out, no matter how many special people or animals enter our lives.

Also, be sure not to confuse healing from the grief of missing Violet with forgetting her. You will always love her and you will always remember her, even when you are no longer sad and crying. But if you really want to be sure that you never forget Violet, you can make a book about her. You can put pictures of her in it. You can draw pictures of the things you used to do together, and you can write stories about her. You could have a pages about different things about her: when you first got her, and another page about the tricks she could do (sit, roll over, etc), things you used to like to do together (go for walks, play fetch), puppies that she had, toys she liked to play with, 'naughty' things she did, special treats that she liked to eat, any funny things she did. I bet you have a great imagination and can think of so many other things to include in your book. Keep this book by your bed and look at it often. That way you will be sure to never ever forget her.

When Violet was alive, I bet if she was hurt or sick, you tried to do all you could to make her feel better. And I also bet that when you were sick, Violet would sit with you to try to make you feel better. You did not want her to hurt. And she did not want you to hurt. Well, Violet still does not want you to hurt. Although it is natural to go through the grieving process when we lose someone so important to us, Violet is anxious for the day when you think of her and smile, instead of crying. She loves you and does not want you to hurt.

Remember, Dan is probably very sad to lose his mother, too. So you are not the only one missing Violet. It will make Violet happy in two ways if you love Dan. Violet will be happy that you have someone to love and play with in your life again. And Violet will be happy to know that her son Dan is loved and well taken care of!!

This is not easy. And the hurt won't go away overnight. It takes time. Violet does not want you be sad. Each day work towards healing and having happy memories of Violet.

I wish you all the best.

Now go give Dan a big hug!


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Dear Western Belle,

My last post may be a bit confusing. I assumed Violet was a dog (and the mother of the puppies), but after having a closer look at the picture, I think she may have been a lamb. I am so sorry for the confusion. It does not really matter what kind of animal she was, but that you love her and miss her!

I am going to order the course described in the link below for myself, to help me cope with the loss of my kitty. When you order the course, you can also order it for a friend for no extra charge. Please show this link to your parents and if they approve, the second copy of my course can be for you or your parents. If your parents approve of either you or them receiving this course, please post back to this site, and I will provide my telephone number so that they can call me to give me permission to have the course sent.


Best of luck to you,


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