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Letter From Earth


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Letter From Earth

Dearly departed: I know you still hear

You know how I feel, you see every tear

I shed them for you and I shed them for me

Dearly departed: I know you still see

Please be the Angel, the guardian ghost

Watch over those that love you the most

You'll never be forgotten, this I ensure

Though angry inside, forgiveness is pure

I wish you were here but for all that it's worth

All I can do is send this letter from earth...


Originally written for a loved one that had succumbed to suicide, but dedicated to everyone who has suffered a loss.

Thank-you for reading ~ Novi

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Beautiful Novi.

Please read a poem my dear friend shared with me... I posted it in loss of parent or grandparent. I thought of you when I first read it.

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Thank-you for reading my poem and for sharing the lovely poem your friend shared with you. It brought tears to my eyes as I read it. Poetry is so under appreciated, and most don't realize how therapeutic it is to write it when you have a broken heart, or how healing it is to have someone read and appreciate what you've had the courage to share. I'm touched that you thought of me, and I can see why. But my smile of disguise was revealed a lie yesterday, and I was sent home from work and put on leave for the next little while. You can only be strong on your own for so long...

I'll be okay, actively seeking help with this time off I've been given. I hope you are well too, ShanN. Know that I still have you and Leo in my thoughts.

(Gentle Hugs)

~ Novi

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