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Lose Of 3 Parents In 6 Months

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My mom passed away on Jan 21,2012..My dad..May 30,2012 and my stepdad on June 14,2012...the pain I feel inside is kiiling me.Not share what I'm doing from one day to the next.I took care of my Mom and stepdad for years,then my Mom passed I didn't have time to grief cause i was taking care of my stepdad who was a mess,Then I get a call saying my dad passed away then a few weeks later my stepdad passed way.This is just to much for me to handle.I miss doing stuff for them.It went from doing everything for them to doing nothing.I feel so lost without them here.I cry all the time,can"t eat or sleep,have night mares all the time.Life just isn't fair.I'm so mad that they all left me within 6 months.It didn't really hit me till this past xmas cause we always had xmas at there house,there was no there house anymore.I can't seem to move on in my life and it is causing problems in my family.People keep telling me to let go and move on,but they just don't ubderstand that they were my world,how do you just move on.I can't do it.It hurts to bad.

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Dear babben514,

I am reading this and want to tell you how very sorry I am to hear that you have lost so many dear people in such a short time. You have said that you have also been a caretaker for several years to both your mom and your stepdad. This seems like quite a bit of grief thrown at you all at once. You will need time to process this and this is one place that you can be to talk about all of this for we have wonderful people here who all understand and are good listeners.

I hope that you have a grief counselor to talk to. It is important that you talk to someone face–to-face who can give you the help you will need to understand these multiple loses. Crying, feeling lost, not sleeping, nightmares, being mad, and feeling that it just isn’t fair are all signs of grief. You do not need to have people tell you to ‘move on’ because this is your grief and you will do it when you are ready. It does not happen with a snap of a finger, it happens when you are ready.

There is a good web site that many of us use that has been created by our moderator, Marty, and it has many articles and information to understand our grief.

www.griefhealing.com. This is a safe place to come and share what is in your heart and no one will tell you that you should ‘move on.’ I know you will get many other suggestions from others. Just know that you are not alone. Anne

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