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I Miss You Mama

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I miss you Mama. How I need you so. There's so much I need to tell. Most of all, how it broke me to see you go.


Please watch over my Leo. I wish you and he could have met. But I think you know what's happening. Even though that chance we never did get.

I love you Mama though we are so far apart. You truly live on here in the depths of my heart.

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I miss my Mom everyday.Not a day goes bye that I don"t think about her and wanting to put up the phone and talk to her.I have so much I want to tell her but can"t.sometimes when I drive I talk to her and tell her what I'm feeling,it does help some but I just want to hear her voice again.I try and think about what she would say to me.The thing I miss the most is she would text me everynight before I went to bed.there are times when I look at my phone for that text but it's not there.

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