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Having just made a new posting in this new format of the site, I've noticed some things that I either don't know how to work now, or that just aren't working quite right. The 'smilies' don't automatically show up, and I still haven't figured out how to view them. I not only don't 'get' the "quote" and "reply" buttons now, or they're not working properly, either, as I can't seem to reply WITHOUT it coming up initially as a "quote" ( even after trying the + and - buttons, too ). I don't understand some of the new icons, either, though I haven't tried playing with them yet.

It strikes me that maybe we need a Tutorial message somewhere here, readily accessible and up-front, to guide new, and now even older!, members through the options and basic usage. For all I know, the new changes are great ones, but at this early stage, I wouldn't even know! I really don't have a lot of time to play with everything again and try to figure it out on my own - I'm not the most computer-savvy person in the world. Although, I have to say, even my husband hasn't been able to figure out some of these things on different sites, on my behalf, and he's DARN good with computer stuff! I'd use a 'smilie' here, but I still can't see them!! ( having to bring up a separate window for them is an annoying waste of my time, and you still don't get actual pictures of them - WAY too complicated! )

:P - here's an attempt, but not sure until I try "Preview" what it will look like. .......okay, I see that didn't even work properly!

Now I've tried to edit this, and that's more complicated, too, as part of the instructions below the post are superimposed upon the forum name, making them difficult to read. Also not sure what complete edit VS. quick edit is. I also notice that there's no indication of NEW posts for anyone browsing....so hope someone even notices this post! Now I don't see a button to resubmit this post, so hope I don't lose it completely!

Also just tried "View New Posts" and "My Assistant" and neither one is working right.

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