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Missing My Mom And Dad

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Why can"t I move on.I can't stop thinking about my Mom and Dad.I want things to be the way they were but they never will be.My heart hurts so bad.I feel as if it will never be whole again.I know they are in a better place and no longer in pain but I want them here with me.I'm still having bad dreams about when they died almost every night.I wake up crying and sometimes yelling.I wish they would stop.I don't know what to do anymore.I'm trying to move on with my life but I can't stop thinking about them then I start crying again.People keep telling me it will get better with time and I will move on when I am ready,guess I'm not ready yet.They say when I can make it though the day without crying then I'm doing good.I haven't made it to that point yet.

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I don't think tears are a measurement of anything more than the depth of our love but even then we can mourn long after the tears have quit. In other words, don't measure how you're doing by tears or lack of them. Your grief journey will decide for itself how it will go and how long it will take. Try not to worry about it or try to achieve a certain way with it, just let it take you where it must and go with the flow. You've had a life long relationship with your parents, you will never stop missing them, but you will eventually learn to continue your life while they await you in heaven. It takes time, much time, and yet more of it. I know I hated it when people told me that (when my husband died) but it was true...I hated it because it was beyond my control to rush it. Patience is not my strongest virtue. :) Peace to you today, babben...

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