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I Lost A Friend Last Night

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His wife and him have attended my church for years, Jack and I were on the Morning Worship Team together. Everyone looked up to him, to both of them, they are just kind souls living the life. Jack recently had some medical problems but they seemed like they were getting under control...and then he got bone cancer. It went so fast. I am glad for him, he is out of his pain...but it's got to be so very hard for her. In remembering how my MIL got bone cancer yet lived 2 years and 8 months afterwards...I'm glad Jack's didn't drag on like that, and yet it's really hard when they go so fast you don't have time to digest it either.

Please keep Nancy and their boys (seven, all grown) in prayer. It's just so hard to believe I won't see him again...not for a long time anyway.

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Dear Kay,

I am so sorry. Your life was already so full of so much for you to accept, work out, move through, and reconcile. I am just so sorry for you and for Jack's wife Nancy, and the boys. I hope the boys are close by to give Nancy a lot of support.

I am sorry you have this new loss to face right now. I am sending much love and hope that you find peace in knowing that Jack has escaped from the bone cancer and that, yes, you will see him again.

My prayers are with you today.



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Their boys live all over, Calif., Ore., Wash. but one is here in town, a couple nearby and they're swell kids ("kids", they're probably 40s to 60s), I know they'll be there for her, as will her church friends and neighbors.

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Thank you all, you're the best! She won't be able to stay in her home without Jack's income, but there is a vacancy opening at an income assisted place and I know everyone will help her clean out and move. At least she has lots of grown sons, what a help!

I just remember what a muddle the early days were, wouldn't wish that on anyone, I wish I could help her fast forward through this. :(

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