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This is the tattoo that Marcus and i got last October 20th. Neither of us had ever gotten one and never really planned on getting one. When we found the yin yang symbol and read up on it it was scary how perfectly it described us. He even wrote out this beautiful page all about it and our anniversay on it. We were going to frame it. My half is red with a blue dot and his is blue with a red dot. He wanted mine on my right wrist and his on his left so when we held hands the symbols came together. He also said he always wanted me on his left side so if he needed to he could protect me with his right side since he was right handed. He would brag about our tattoo holding his wrist up saying "one can not exsist without the other". He was a wise and sweet man. A great man. I miss him terribly.post-16377-0-79123800-1366928366_thumb.j

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My love, heart, body, and soul will always belong to only you MM! I miss you so very much.

Kocham Cie MM-always and foreve and eve-your KJ :)

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