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I went through this section and counted the females and males who have broken up with each other due to grieving.

Females: 19

Males: 14

Some of the threads are of a different matter so I didn't count them.

So it is NOT "mostly males" that do the breaking up...it doesn't appear to be gender related, but due to grief and not being able to handle a relationship at the same time.

Interestingly enough, there are sometimes the other partner that does the breaking up because they can't handle the person's grieving, I didn't count those but they are of both gender too.

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wow! That's some statistics u got there KayC. And I thought it was mostly gender-related!

Well next step would be to count those who returned. But well I guess in some cases people may never updated again the thread because either the person didn't return or maybe if the griever return, they would have eventually kept on with their lives and didn't bother to make an update

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Not many. I think one did. But that doesn't mean it's not possible. How both people cope factors in, some of US choose not to stick around for more of the same even if they change their mind on down the road...part of it is they take so long with their grief, by then we've moved on, even if only to a better place inside our head.

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There's a lot of people that just can't cope.

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Well I also did a search thourh the male cases (I didn't include mine, Helena and Plum's because they are still "running") and what I saw was that from the

12 cases

2 were a definite no return (1 cut contact and 2nd found another girl)

3 were unknown since the girls didn't make any updates

1 was successful (he resumed the relationship)

5 returned either as friends or at least girls keep on contacting them (although 2 of them returned but they were the players type, but this is a matter of character)

So statistically there might be hope for us. lol (on a positive mode today)

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