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My Poor Colbie


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Don't know where to begin. I'm guessing I'm still in shock. Feeling guilty too. I cry quite a lot. Colbie died from complications from cancer. she had a mole on her side that back in 1999 the vet in Tucson said was nothing to worry about. I asked him to remove it. He said it wasn't necessary. The mole didn't start getting bad until the end of 2012. At which time I applied with CreditCare four times. All four times I was denied. I found a company, Pet Assure, they offer 25% discounts on vet care, but, one has to go through one of their providers.

I found a mobile vet. When I think of a mobile vet I think of a mobile hospital. Well this vet only makes house calls and uses an off site emergency vet. This vet runs her business out of her home. Sees animal patients, whom are well in her home and sends the rest to this emergency vet.

In February the mole was the size of a tangerine. I was waiting for my tax refund check to arrive. The only time that Colbie saw the vet was on March 22nd 2013. I was told to bandage the area with antibiotic ointment two to three times a day. Colbie was examined. Blood drawn. Colbie weighed 41 pounds. The mass was moveable without causing her pain. I asked that the vet make arrangements to have it removed. My request was denied. "we need to find out what kind of mass it is" she said this even though she had just said it was Melanoma a few minutes before hand.

Every time I would call with a question the vet wouldn't get on the phone with me, instead she'd have her office manager talk to me. If the office manager didn't know the answer she said she'd talk to the "Dr" and have the doctor call me back. The "doctor" wouldn't call me back, instead the office manager would.

In April the mass was almost the size of a small grapefruit. Again I begged for them to remove the mass. Again I was denied. This time I was told that the "doctor" didn't know where all the blood vessels were so therefore a specialist would have to do the procedure. Cost for the specialist: over $800 plus the $400 I had already paid. Colbie would convulse from the pain she was in. I asked for the vet to come out to recheck Colbie, instead I was told she was epileptic so they put her on Phenobarbital. I argued that she wasn't epileptic, that I had watched videos of dogs having Grand Mal and epileptic seizures and that Colbie wasn't doing what those dogs in the videos did. I was told by the office manager to not go on the internet for information, that the internet is not my friend.

Colbie was goofy from the Pheno but, still able to walk around, eat and drink water too. By the 4th dose of Pheno, she had a stroke. I was accused of allowing her to have a Grand Mal seizure. By the 6th dose Colbie had a second stroke and was completely paralyzed. I told the office manager that Colbie had dropped in weight from 41 to roughly 30 to 25 pounds. I was ignored. I was told to continue giving her the Pheno, half a tablet at a time at which point I lost my temper yelling at the office manager telling her that the prescription was for 35mg capsules, not tablets and that I thought the dose for a 25 pound dog was too high. I found out from another vet that the correct dose for a dog between 25 and 30 pounds is 18mg.....I made an appointment with another vet for Monday the 20th of May. However, I was unable to keep the appointment because Colbie died, in my bed on Sunday May 19th. I sat with her until the almost the end of the final stage. She was hanging on because she knew how upset I was. She didn't want to die. She didn't need to die. Colbie had another five years left, but thanks to a selfish vet Colbie was robbed of those five years. At this time I have reported this vet to the state veterinary medical board. The complaint was filed on May 30th.

Myself and my son took care of burial arrangements for Colbie, because I ddin't want that vet or her emergency vet anywhere near Colbie again.

I also filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau, but, since the state board is handling the case, BBB won't do anything. I am also trying to write a blogspot to warn people of this vet. And to offer whatever support I can. But, right now I need support. I feel as if I am going insane with grief. Hopefully I'm not.

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Your feelings are very understandable! I would be beyond comprehension if this happened to my Arlie. I can't even imagine all you and your Colbie have gone through in this horrid experience. I am so sorry!

I do totally understand your wanting what you had happen to you, to never happen to someone else. Your poor dog! I hope you have documented everything to back up your claims so you don't get hit with a libel suit from the vet. You have been through enough.

It is very hard when a dog dies prematurely. I'm sure you are feeling very gypped right now.

I am glad you and Colbie had each other, it's obvious how much you care about her. Do you have a picture of her you could share with us?

One way of helping you through this grief might be to write a sort of journal of the experiences you had with Colbie (Mark wrote about his Bicky in this section). It memorializes them and thus keeps them alive, so to speak, for everyone to know. I know it helps me to talk about my departed loved ones to those who knew him/her, it just helps to know they will not be forgotten, and frankly, they are just too special to let that happen.

My sincere condolences and (((hugs))) being sent your way.

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Your story has touched my heart. I am so sorry for all the pain that you and Colbie had to go through. It will help you to post your feelings and let the rest of us share your pain. You are grieving for a precious pet whom you did all you could do for her. Anne

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