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It appears after much internet searching this is the first place I have found to blog and see recent blogs. I do facebook and email - I have never been a blogger or read many of them.

More to the point I am a new widdow. I am 31, my son is 18 months old and we lost Jonathon, my husband and the best dad in the world May 26th of this year. I have been in what I guess you call "anticipatory grief" for quite a long time since we knew his condition was terminal for 13 months - but this grief is totally different and I am losing it.

I have moved back to my home state to stay with my parents who are taking care of my baby since I am a mess. I just wonder if there are any young widdows blogging out here? New single moms? I have not connected to anyone and I really feel alone in this reality I am in.



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My dear Sf, I'm so very sorry to learn of the death of your dear husband Jonathan; please accept our heartfelt sympathy for your loss.

You've asked about young widows blogging, and while you are most welcome to stay here with all of us (some of the most loving, compassionate people you'll ever hope to meet) I also want you to know about some other wonderful resources aimed specifically at young widows and widowers:

Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation (See Our Programs.)

The Widdahood and blog, Widow Chick

Supa Dupa Fresh who blogs at Fresh Widow

Young Widow Support Group Basics (Informative 3-Part Series from Fresh Widow Blog)

Young Widow Overcomes Her Death Wish (Article by Michele Neff Hernandez)

Young Widow ~ Chapter Two

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Dear Sf,

I am so very sorry about the loss of your husband. The pain, I know, is gut wrenching. And you are young with a young child and of course you want to share with women who are walking a similar path. I know all of us here would welcome and embrace you and hope you stay with us as we have lots of love and compassion and we all have experienced the loss of our spouses/partners. I also think Marty's suggestions are extremely valuable to investigate. There is nothing to stop you from participating in more than one forum. There are young widows here. I do not know of any who are active right now who also have young children. I may be wrong. I also know our membership changes often as new people join us so tomorrow we could have some young mothers here.

I think you could benefit from our group but of course you will know where you want to put your energies after checking so,e out. That is how I got here. But I am far from 31...I am 73. So e here are in their 30s, 40 s and on up. When you say you are a mess....I know ALL of us understand that word...and all it encompasses....can't think, feel lost, feel empty even crazy, confused, foggy, numb, sad..oh so so sad, crying...we have all been there and we are all at different points in the journey to healing...a long journey. I do urge you to check out the sites Marty posted and you might stick around here also and learn more about this journey through grief and also be wrapped in kindness and care. Peace to your broken heart, Mary

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I am sorry for your loss and all you have been through, and am glad to hear you have your parents to help you. While we don't currently have anyone your age, this is a site for grievers of all ages, but you might want to check out the sites Marty has listed and see where you feel most comfortable relating. You are welcome to stay here, too, if that's your preference.

You might want to start by sharing your story, how you came to be here. You are about the same distance out as I was when I first found this place.

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I was 36 when I lost my husband very unexpectedly to heart problems 14 months ago. I did end up joining a young widows group on facebook. Everyone here is very nice and supportive, but I felt I needed to talk to others who had an experience closer to mine. I did not get to spend 40 years with my beloved and found I was having a lot of anger issues come up...and honestly a lot of jealousy...so finding a group of young widows and widowers was helpful to me.

I am very sorry for your loss. *hugs*

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I'm glad you found a group that is helpful to you. I understand the anger, we didn't get 40 years either, heck, I'd have settled for 20!

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