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I just saw on the news the 60 mph dust storm in Phoenix and hope it's not hitting your part of the city. We have a lot of people on our site in Phoenix and I pray for safety for all. It sounds like a good time to stay in!

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Guest babylady

nothing going on here. i'm just south of anthem. had a storm yesterday -- not too bad, but when i watched the 10 o'clock news i saw that other parts of the valley got hit hard. seems the southeast valley gets it the worst.

interesting that so many of us are in the phoenix area. i've been here almost 24 years and so many of my friends got sick. i know 4 people including john who either had brain tumors or aneyurisms. my friend tom died from a ruptured aneyurism. all were in close proximity. tom lived next door, cheryl lived across the street -- the other guy lived in back of us. we don't live in that neighborhood anymore. i could go on and on about the illnesses.

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Safe here in Scottsdale. Although, I'm in the rather southeast part of the valley, I'm not nomally hit with these storms. Anne is about 50 miles west of me & seems to get the rain more often.


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