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She Is Losing The Battle

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My darling SIL is losing her battle with cancer.

Shannon is more than my SIL... She truly is my sister.

She is rarely awake now. I spent the entire day there. Dr explained her body has rejected the bone marrow transplant and GVHD has set in heavily, even with the meds to fight it.

It's only a matter of time now. Unless there is a miracle, she will be joining her love, my brother, in Heaven.

I've sat here for an hour staring at the iPad getting the strength and words to post. :(

I may be absent from here as our family and Shan's family are by her side. Even though she doesn't much know because she just isn't awake much. They are keeping her comfortable.

Five months of a battle, and three since Leo passed. I believe it is because she lost him that her fight has not been enough.

I will update when I can. I'm home taking a rest and trying to get myself together before going back to be by her side.

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Thank you ladies

It's 8pm and hubby are trying to rest. He made me some soup. Going to try to get some sleep. Everyone is meeting with Drs and social worker tomorrow morning because I want her home. I don't care what it takes. I want her home. I want her in her home she lived her yrs with my brother. Maybe somehow it will help. I will fight to my death for her. I will, no matter what.

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Dear Mary,

I am so sorry to hear the news about Shannon. I am very glad to hear you are eating and taking care and that your husband is there with you to look after you.

I hope you can bring her home. It was all Doug wanted, just to be home with me in our bed, with his own things around him, and to be able to hold my hand and have me near all the time in our home. I am so glad i fought and got to bring him home.

My dear Mary, you are doing well to hold together and to be there with Shannon. Please stay with us here as long as you need, for you have become Tribe with us all as well, and I hope you know that we are here for you, as we continue to hold Shannon and you, and all your family, in prayer.

Blessings and



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I hope you can bring her home and I know she will be in good hands with you caring for her. Hospice is wonderful so if they bring them in, they will be of great help to you both. I know this is the hardest time of your life, I'm sure, and want you to know our prayers are with you for strength, comfort and encouragement.

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