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I Guess I Needed Another Challenge :(


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Apparently I needed another challenge!

I was sleepy this morning and ran into my walker really hard... Just got back from ER... Two badly broken toes. :(

On my good foot... Not the one I sprained. On heavy pain meds. Have ugly shoe to wear when walking. In agony. Worse than the sprained ankle. Seeing my orthopedic surgeon on the 18th. ER doc was very concerned about the second to last toe in particular. I am too.

Shannon is staying put for now. At some point, yes, we will be having her come home.

She was not awake at all today. :(

I'm getting very nauseas from this pain and from the Percocet. So I'm going to try to rest. I did eat. Hubby made me dinner.

Other family are going to be with Shannon even though she's not awake. I'm going to be down for the count with still recovering from sprain and now the broken toes.

I'm so out of it emotionally and pain wise, it took me forever just to type this post.

My heart hurts, so much more than these broken toes and sprained ankle. :(

I really need hugs.

Hubby is trying to comfort me through it all. I just don't want it if that makes any sense?

Thank you all for being here.





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Oh my dear Mary, you did not need another challenge! I'm so sorry. The pictures are quite telling! It looks like the foot really hurts.

I know that your heart must be hurting. I am sorry.

I send you virtual hugs and am here whenever you post. You are such a very brave person.

If I could send chocolate to you through the Internet, I would share mine with you.

Prayers continue. Anne

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Mary, Mary, Mary. I believe with all my heart that this is Nature's way of telling you that you MUST slow down and take better care of YOU. I'm so sorry that you are in such pain, but I hope and pray that you can find a way to give in to what this incident is trying to tell you. You must find a way to STOP. REST. BREATHE. Get that foot up and elevated and SLEEP. Shannon will understand, I promise. And relieve yourself of the notion that we need frequent updates. You will fill us in when you can, as you are able. Meanwhile, we are sending you all the virtual hugs that we can muster.

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Oh Mary, this seems like what you do NOT need, but hopefully now you can just be and let your husband take care of you and accept it, and let others take care of Shannon. Sleep dear Mary, sleep! I have broken toes many times and usually they heal without anything needing to be done to them...They sometimes are taped to adjoining toes to hold them in place. I'm glad they have a shoe for you to wear, don't worry about how ugly it is, it will be functional and the need for it will eventually pass.

I hope Shannon is also sleeping and pray her body starts doing what it's supposed to instead of fighting everything good they're trying to do for her. Honestly!

It's a good thing you can have chocolate even with Percocet!

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I know I don't have to feel like I need to update on Shan, but you all have been so loving to her.

I'm taking as good of care as I possibly can. Walking is oh so difficult with the broken toes. It's a lot worse today. And I'm apparently stressing muscles compensating for less pressure on the foot. So I hurt all over.

Sleep is very challenging. Being awake is very challenging. What to do?

My foot and toes are red purple blue... And there is lots of "pooling" happening and swelling.

Thanks everyone.

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Now that's a picture...I know that you are elevating your foot. This is time for your hubby to wait on you. ;) It won't last long.

I can imagine how very much it must hurt. You don't have an appt. with the ortho doc until the 18th! That seems a long way off.

Thinking of you and holding you in my heart. Prayers are daily for all in the family. Anne

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Mary, while you are at the hospital, use a wheelchair. Do you have a cane at least, or a crutch? You need one.

Take care of your precious self, and go gently today dear one.



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I have broken two toes at a time, but NOT while my other foot was sprained! The overcompensating can cause more pain/stress than the actual breaks. Try not to be on it more than absolutely necessary, and spend as much time as you can lying down with ice on it, elevating your feet. Hopefully the sprain will hurry up and heal so you won't have so much to deal with. Do you have a laptop? That or a tablet would be much easier than a desktop PC while you're prone.



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I've got a walker I've had for few yrs for my balance issues and my absent seizures and my fibromyalgia.

I'm actually not even really able to walk except to the bathroom. :(

It's only getting worse. Hubby is concerned there might be a blood clot involved because of the pooling blood and swelling and red color. I told him we will go back tomorrow and get it checked again. I just want to rest right now. I'm so tired. If only sleep were that easy.




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There is a lot of bruising, or as you call it, pooling of blood, yes I think it's a good idea to go back to the doctor.

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