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I Miss Him Terribly


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I my big brother so much. Leo was my hero. He fought through so much for many many years and never gave up. Never complained. Never asked for anything. Had very little. Had a huge heart. And I witnessed his heart the most soft the most open the most loving the most giving the most happiest and the most fullest while with Shannon.

Losing Shannon. Watching her give up. Watching her slip from this life slowly. It's agonizing for me. As much as losing both my big brothers. Leo was Shannon's life and she his. They honestly deserve to be together. And if that is what The Lord chooses is best, I know they will never be apart again.

I miss Leo...

This photo is one from around Christmas last year. He had just gotten out of a hospital stay.


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Oh Mary! My heart breaks for you, I can only imagine how hard this is. Still praying, wish I could do more. Thank you for sharing that picture, it is a good one.

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