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Leo's 22yr old daughter is fighting with me. She's pissed and has every right to be pissed that her Dad is gone. However, what she doesn't have the right to do is blame Shannon and blame me. She has total disrespect for her stepmom. Shannon tried so hard to love her. Yet she blames her. And apparently she blames me because I spent so much time being there for Shannon, she hates me for not being there as much for her Dad. I'm only one person last I checked!

I don't need this. I honestly don't. I'm still very sick. I have my regular health issues as well. And she is being selfish. Plain and simple.

I am not angry I'm just plain hurt.


End of rant...

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I'd be hurt AND angry, so you're a whole lot better person than I am! Is it okay for me to be angry FOR you?! Personally, I would demand (yes demand) respect at the very least. I'd let her know she can feel how she feels and you understand because you're grieving too, but you are NOT the enemy, nor to blame, and you refuse to accept that. I'd let her know if she wants you talk you're here, but NOT if she can't show respect and be civil and that includes doing away with the blame game, which profits no one.

Now, I have to express myself, HOW DARE SHE!!! grrr!!!

You are right, you are still very sick and injured and she is selfish and brat-ly, and you do not need that! If she calls, have your husband tell her you are not well and do not take the call. You can always call her back later...maybe in a few months when you feel stronger. Don't worry about it. Leo would not want this for you! Nor would he have wanted his beloved Shannon to be treated that way!

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