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Fall 2013 Newsletter From Wings


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The Wings E-Letter is a free online newsletter coming to us from Nan and Gary Zastrow, founders of Wings—a Grief Education Ministry. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide information and education for grieving families and community caregivers. The pdf file is available to download by following this link: http://www.wingsgrief.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Fall-ELetter-Wings.pdf

Articles in the Fall 2013 Newsletter include:

  • Feature: Holiday Sorrows and Precious Gifts, by Thomas Attig
  • Editor's Journal: I Am Who I Am -- After Grief
  • Inspirational Story: Wonderful Little Girl
  • From the Archives: What Do You Think?
  • The Never Ending Pain

VISIT the Wings NEW REVISED WEBPAGE, www.wingsgrief.org
Or scan the QR code on the newsletter to take you there directly.

Subscriptions are welcome. If you would like to subscribe to the Wings E-Letter, contact Nan Zastrow at nan.wings1@gmail.com or subscribe at www.wingsgrief.org

Wings is social on FACEBOOK…become a fan here.

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These folks are about 3 hours away and offer wonderful programs if I feel like a 6 hour round trip drive someday. Their newsletter is worth the time for sure. I got their newsletter and sent them the two poems (Empty Chair and Labyrinth of Grief) to see if they want to run either or both.

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