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4 Years Dad, I Miss You

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It will be 4 years tomorrow since my dad passed away. It still hurts that he is not here. I miss him so much. My grief is not fresh and raw as year 1, but is there.

I know Dad is ok. Some people say there will be a time when you can smile instead of crying when remembering your loved ones that passed. I haven't gotten there yet.

I don't know when I will get there. That's life, you cant change it.

His passing changed my life. I am not the same inside. I wonder what last 4 years would have been like if he were still here. He would be 62 years old now.

This is a rememberance to my Dad, the best dad I could ever ask for. I love him, I miss him, he will always be in my heart and mind. You are not here physically but you will always be in our hearts until its time for us to go too.

Love you soo much Daddy. A big hug for you wherever you are.


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Everyone progresses at a different timetable, but we do eventually get more used to our loss or going on without them.

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Yes I know what you mean! This February has been a rough month, I have been in tears most of the time! My Mom has now been gone, three years and it hurts so much too.Also we have had it cold, its hard for me too get out because it! Everything reminds of her, just to much! If I did not have my little guy, I would die also..Family has abandon me, friends are too busy, this is just make my story short.God bless to all of youXXX

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