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It's So Surreal.

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Hi all. This is a difficult week. For one, I'm still in a lot of pain 18 dys post op on my knee reconstruction.

Thursday is My Big Brothers 53rd birthdays. Ziggy has been gone 9 1/2 yrs. Leo will be gone 6mos on the 29th. And Shannon's been gone 2mos and 8dys. It's still so surreal. The last six months have flown by and are very much a blur. Though it seems a lifetime ago. :(

I miss them. I miss my big brothers. I miss my "little sister".

I'm in a deep depression. I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing though. The weather is cold. But I'm just so cold on the inside. If that makes sense.

Thanks for listening. Going to try to rest. It's 3:39am.

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Yes, Mary, you have many memories of those special people who have passed and I can't even imagine how very heavy your heart is during this time. I continue to carry you in my heart and want you to know that you are not alone with your grieving.

I hope that you are making some progress with the healing of your knee and if you need the pain medication that you are taking it.

Your road to healing is happening and we are all here supporting you. Big hugs to you. Anne

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I'm sorry you are feeling cold on the inside. The day that would have been very happy has a shadow cast deep over it with their loss. :( Thinking of and praying for you today. Maybe write each of them a note and tell them Happy Birthday and what you miss most about them, tell them you love them. Send it up in a balloon! I did that to George on one of our special days. It burst and came back to me and I laughed! I hadn't expected that, it was like he was trying to send a message back to me. :)

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Mary, wondering how you are doing today. You've been in my thoughts this week.

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Dear Mary,

I am just catching up and read your last post.

Mary, you are carrying such a heavy load of grief, dear heart. For you, this is a journey of such great loss and sadness, followed by the pain of your knee surgery, that I am happy to see you able to post and share some of what is going on with you. I am so sorry for the terribly difficult and painful for you, dear one. Here you are, with so much grief, and then the surgery on top of that. Please know that we are all holding you in our hearts through these days, and sending lots of love and compassion. I am just so sorry you are going through all that you are.

Do you have good plans for Thanksgiving with family?

Let us know how you are doing when you can.

Blessings, and



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