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Feeling the same way Walt. I really don't want to be around people right now. It feels like I'm walking towards the edge of a cliff as the days go by towards Dec. 25. I'll be better when my children/grandchildren start to arrive in another week. I guess mysery loves company.

Peace on Earth to all here.

Always Gene!


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You are not alone. I was just talking with one of my boys. He said that he can't seem to get in the holiday spirit. It's going to be a very hard first to get past. If I had only known last Christmas would be our last one together. We were going to beat that cancer, but it spread like wildfire and took him within 5 months. I miss you so much Tom.

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I am NOT in the holiday spirit this year nor do I think I can be. If it wasn't for my kids I wouldn't have a tree or decorate the house or bake even. My son got the tree and my daughter put it up and decorated it and has roped me in to baking with her.

I see the ornaments that were so special to us, all of our "firsts", the singing bears that hold hands that a friend got us last year because they "looked like George and Kay"...it is almost more than I can bear. Christmas will never be the same again...

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