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I'm missing my big brothers. And Shannon. I want to sleep through this holiday season. Thanksgiving and my brothers birthday were so hard. Christmas is only happening for my grandsons.

My heart is so empty, yet immensely heavy. And the emotion just still is locked inside me. It's still so hard to wrap my head around Leo and Shannon being gone. Ziggy is easier a bit because its been 9 1/2 yrs.

found some pics.

The baby boys are Samuel (Ziggy) on the left and Leo on the right.

The other pic is myself, my son, my husband, Ziggy, Leo, and my pup who is no longer with us.

And then one with Leo, Ziggy, and myself.

From 2001... Three yrs before Ziggy passed.

And the. One of Leo from a couple yrs ago.





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My dear Mary, My heart reaches out to your heart as you get through these difficult days. I am so sorry and I understand why you just want to sleep your days away until the holidays are over. It has been such a difficult year of loss for you. I hold you in the light and please know you are not alone even though the people here reach over the miles to you.

Peace to your heart,


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Oh Mary, I don't blame you for wanting to sleep through the season! And maybe that is just what you need.


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