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Lost My Son

Guest Larry

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Dear Larry and John,

Please accept our deepest sympathy for the loss of your precious children, and know that all of us are holding each of you in gentle thought and prayer.

Larry, I want to point you to a post in another of our forums here (Behaviors in Bereavement / Topic Title: My Son / Topic Starter: Rebecca / Date 11/28/05) in hopes that the content will be relevant and helpful to you. Just click on this link:


See also the article I've attached by Nan Zastrow, "Thoughts about Suicide."

Wishing you peace and healing,

Marty T


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Guest Margaret

I do know how you feel my 26 year old son took his life on November 17th this year it's his birthday today and I am completely empty and overwhelmed with sadness. I feel your pain and I know that this is the worst pain we as parents can ever imagine.

My 32 year old son took his own life on December 2nd 2005. I feel compoletely empty and have never experienced such sadness.

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Hi Larry,

My name is Beth. I lost my only child in March of 2005. His name was Thomas. He turned 20 on March 2 and was killed in a car wreck March 6 (my birthday).

I am approaching the 1 year anniversary of his death and am really scared. I wanted to write to you because I am a little farther along in the grief process and would like to offer you SOME hope!

I never thought I would live through his death, but here I am. I have found that reading all I can about the grief process and what to expect has helped me. I look especially for books on the death of a child. It does not matter how old you children are....They are still you CHILDREN. One book I found really helpful was "HOLDING ON TO HOPE". I do not remember the author, but if you are interested and cannot find it I will look up the info & let you know.

I do not know if you are a CHristian. I am and prayer has been the biggest comfort of all to me! I hope you don't mind if I add you to my prayer list.

No one can understand your pain or tell you how to grieve. You will have to find you own way. I hope it helps to know that there are others like us and they somehow survived this

terrible tragedy. No parent should have to bury their child! Unfortunatly we did and our lives will never be the same, but we can go forward. Our lifes will forever be different. The thing I look forward to now is the day I will see him again in Heaven. Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to share any information I have. May God give you comfort, peace and mercy.


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