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I feel as though I'm going backwards. I suddenly find myself breaking down. I thought I was in this "widows fog" people talk about. Once the shock wore off I seemed to get through the day able to actually function. My insensitive daughter says I'm a grouch. I now know I'm going through menopause. I can't stand the irritability, mood swings. Oh God not now!

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Dear Christine, I am just catching up with this post. We do frequently feel we are going backwards on this journey through grief. We go along for a while and then suddenly something happens to make us feel like we have lost ground. We have not lost ground. It just feels that way. I am sorry your journey is happening along with menopause. That is truly challenging.

I am suspecting that your post has not received any responses because it is in an area seldom used. I would suggest you post in the spousal loss forum either by adding to a topic or starting a topic. If this is not clear, I will watch for a response to this post. We welcome you and would like to support you and hear more from you.



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