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5 Tools For Coping With Difficult Time


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“5 Tools for Coping with Difficult Times”

1/8/2014 6:00 PM

Karen M. Wyatt, MD

My Notes:

How to negotiate the difficulties in our own lives:

Whatever situation you find yourself in – If you're in that dark tunnel – If you can’t see the light - this applies to any difficulty – grief really fits in here!

Those of us on our own grief journey already know much of what Dr. Wyatt has to say.

Stages of recovery of any crisis:

1) Physical - the survival mood – shock – not connecting my feelings with my actions - can’t quite believe - 1st tool: use walking (15 minutes) on a daily basis – connects you with the earth – you will feel better – helps you feel grounded – experience some structure – it becomes an anchor - wrapped in the wings of an angel – self nurturing – stay as long as necessary – this has been described as being in a “fog” - pain becomes more intense when you go into the second stage

2) Emotional – searching stage – we feel the pain – the early survivor stage is gone – we ask many questions – we are seeking a rational reason - we may be more vulnerable – watch out for marketing – you may buy something you don’t need – watch out for medicines (take a pill and you may get relief) don’t get sucked in by people who want to sell you a quick fix – there is none – it will take work – looking for a solution that comes to us that is outside of ourselves – we have to discover the path ourselves – 2nd tool: deep breathing - 3 breaths in/out five times a day – we need to slow down – whatever you need will be there when you need it – 3rd tool: journal writing – write things down – if there are emotions building up inside of you – write about it – it’s safe – it allows you to track your own progress – 4th tool: write in your gratitude journal – write down one thing that you are grateful for – end your day with something you are grateful for – you wake up happier

3) Spiritual - Surrender – it comes when you are ready to give up – I’m tired – I’ve done it all – when you finally accept it you become transformed – it comes on its own – this happens just when a breakthrough is about to happen – nothing outside of you will take your pain away - 5th tool: go inside of you – place one hand over your heart, use your deep breathing, breath in - envision a bright light surrounding your heart – breath out – envision the light going out to a place of pain or even to another person

A good lecture - For those of us in grief, we are all at different stages so our coping tools will be any one of the 5 tools. I still believe that knowledge is power. Something just might hit home.


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Thank you, Anne, for sharing these notes. You take such careful and thorough notes and I know any one or all of these tools might be helpful to folks here.


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Thank you, Mary and Marty. I am learning that there are many "tools for healing" how to manage our grief. My Gratitude Tool is working for me right now - tonight I am grateful for Benji who gives me reason to laugh many times throughout the day.


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