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Widow(Er)'s Brain By Megan


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This is a link to Megan's newsletter. Megan lost her fiance, soon to be husband, when she was 38 years old. She saw this healthy man drown. Megan writes for the Huffington Post.


Here is her website: http://www.refugeingrief.com/

I have been in contact with her as we share an interest in how introverts handle grief. I found this newsletter on how grief affects our brains and our ability to think clearly to be very accurate in terms of myself and others with whom I have worked. I remember finding my glasses in the freezer, missing appointments, not paying bills on time in the early days of grief. I think you will find this piece helpful especially if you are worried about your memory and brain function. It does recover but it takes time because grief is draining so much of our energy especially early on.

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So true, Mary. There are some good articles there. I know my brain wasn't the same after losing George, it made it harder to do my job and affected my focus and decision making. I think it's finally back but I'm not sure if it'll ever be entirely the same as "pre-grief". I still struggle getting into reading books, my mind doesn't focus like it used to. I used to read constantly! I wish I could get that back.

Looking back on the early days/months of grief, it was a muddle. It's a miracle we survive it at all!

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Kay, I do hope you can eventually get back to reading. I have missed reading books (ok on line) and now that I have my glasses I look forward to diving into the pile. Reading is such a soothing and helpful tool. I hope your ability to do that returns soon.


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