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My Grandma


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My Grandma

I remember it like it was yesterday

I called you a week before the day.

You said "Katie, I'm going to die."

I sat alone and started to cry.

I waited until the day before

to call you again once more.

I knew you would soon die

it was my turn to say goodbye.

Uncle Mark picked up that day

Morphine made you fade away.

He told me to talk to you

listening was all you could do.

I said, "Grandma I love you

you know that all of us do.

we all want you to know

that it's ok if you let go."

I flew out the very next day

I got there five minutes too late.

I ran inside and started to cry

for I never got to say goodbye.

I will always think about that day

when I got there just a little too late.

Your death I guess wasn't for me to see

but I'll always know, you waited for me.

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Hi Babybrat07,

What a beautiful, beautiful peom you have shared with all of us. It is so nice when people share peoms and their own stories about what they are feeling with the grief they have... Take care Shelley

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