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Ode To Chinook The Ferret Song Written For My Nookie


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I had an songwriter and an singer so I could make this final tribute to my beloved Chinook. Unknown to the talent parties, this song was completed on 2-22-14, 2 years to the day Chinook went on to the Rainbow Bridge. Everyone on this site has been so kind and loving, I wanted to share this with you all. Everyone has been so helpful, guiding me to books and sharing your own wisdom and insight.


God Bless

Tim Smith

Phoenix, Arizona.



************OMG, NOVEMBER 4, 2015.....  I have been reading some old posts because I was very a little blue missing my Chinook and just realized now after all this time I put in the wrong video in my original post, "The Cat From Outer Space"... Below is the video and song of Chinook the Ferret.   Funny, well it is not funny but sometimes I feel myself not grieving for Chinook then I go into this fit of guilt like I am forgetting him which I am not.  Even this past Halloween, they say its the day "when the dead return to their loved ones by a camp fire", we have all heard that saying so I took pictures where his cage was and is favorite playing spots which of course has changed with rearranged furniture a new carpet almost like he would not recognize the place.  There were no balls of light not even a reflection of dust or a light bulb to humor my sense of hope.  Chinook has moved on I am told may-be I am starting to too but feel guilty doing so... Thank you again for always being here allowing me to vent my most private hurtful memories and of course joy.





Edited by Chinook
Video inserted
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Dear Tim,

I remember well when your beloved Chinook died. If you ever care to share the song, I know we would loved to hear it and the words. Thanks for your kind words. Mary

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Me too, am hoping to hear it!

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